Waitlist and Enrolment

At Bronte Kids we use an electronic wait list and enrolment process through My Family Lounge. To start the enrolment process please register for a log in to the My Family Lounge portal on this page. The My Family Lounge portal also allows enrolled families the ability to add additional waitlist requests for siblings and additional days.

Please note that at Bronte Kids we have a minimum two day enrolment requirement per child. Enrolment for two days or more per week helps your child settle in easier and quicker and allows them to benefit from our curriculum and programs.

Step 1: After logging in, you will be taken through the waitlist process of entering your details, child’s details and the days of care required.

Step 2: You will receive confirmation of our Waitlist request. At this time we recommend contacting the centre to make an appointment for a centre tour. The tour will provide an overview of the operations of the centre and provide parents and children an opportunity to view the facilities, programs, meet the staff and ask questions.

Step 3: Once a position is available you will receive an enrolment offer via email which will be valid for 5 days. You will then need to log back into My Family Lounge within that timeframe to review and accept the offer.

Step 4: Once you accept an enrolment offer you will then be guided through the electronic enrolment form.

Step 5: A bond payment will be required within 3 days of accepting an enrolment offer to secure the position.


At Bronte Kids we believe that a positive orientation experience supports the successful introduction of the children and parents to the centre. Parents are encouraged to book an orientation day once they have accepted their preschool place. Visit arrangements will need to be pre-arranged with the Centre Manager. A single orientation day or a few short visits can be arranged.

Orientation is important even if your child has been in care at another service. These orientation visits do not incur a fee and a parent must remain at the service during this time. Once care starts, parents are encouraged to leave the child for short periods of time, and then gradually increase the time depending on how the child is settling. Parents are welcome to contact the service as often as they wish while their child is settling in to check on their progress.