The Preschool Debate

While some parents may be wondering why they should send their little one to preschool, some are questioning whether preschool is at all beneficial and whether to consider this option. Need some convincing? Here are the 4 key reasons why preschool matters.

  1. Promotes a Social Environment

Developing social skills is necessary for kids to learn while they are young. From sharing, cooperating, working together, taking turns, and learning how to communicate wants and needs, preschool essentially provides a learning environment where your child will gain a sense of self and build confidence.

  1. Preschool enhances language and cognitive skills

Did you know between the ages of 3 and 5 a child’s vocabulary will expand up to around 2, 500 words? In a conversational manner teachers aid in helping kids to stretch their language skills throughout the day by asking questions or introducing new activities.

Cognitive skills are developed and strengthened as a child has the opportunity to engage in a range of hands-on activities with others around the same age. These activities generally encourage a child to ask questions, test their own ideas, solve a problem and observe a situation.

  1. Provides a structured environment

In the first four years of a child’s life they actually have a desire to learn more. They need more information. Sending your child to preschool actually provides them with a structured environment with, activities, books, sounds, textures, stimulating colours and a classroom setting. Your child will learn routine and expectations which will help them advance.

  1. Prepares your child for primary school

Preschool provides the learning foundations for the skills your child will need once they start primary school generally around age five. Language and literacy are just two areas your child will be prepared to take on in the class room having been already properly introduced to the basics throughout preschool.

Ultimately your child will become more comfortable and confident due to their previous experience in a preschool environment.

It’s important to remember that your child needs time away from family in order to learn about the world to start making new friends. In their experiences, children will also learn to trust and develop independence; two crucial life skills. This provides you, as a parent, space and time to pursue your interests and working commitments.

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