Staff Spotlight: Owner and Centre Director Ninette

Meet Ninette, she is the Owner and Centre Director of Bronte Kids Preschool.

Ninette has been the owner of Bronte Kids Preschool for the past 4.5 years. She loves being able to provide a nurturing, welcoming, home-like environment for children, families and staff.


What do you love about your role?

Everything! Watching children learn, grow and flourish. Seeing children love learning through play – without even knowing that they are learning. Experiencing the beautiful friendships formed between the children.


What makes Bronte Kids special?

The sense of community. The comments we get from people when they walk in is they get a nice, good and warm feeling from the centre. It is a warm, welcoming community where everyone is made to feel that they belong to the Bronte Kids Preschool family.

Our outdoor area is also a special part of Bronte Kids Preschool. The word families use to describe our outdoor area is as an “oasis”. It is a large, natural, relaxing and fun space that encourages children to play, use their imagination and develop their gross motor skills.


Tell us about your team?

Our team are passionate educators who all respect the children, families and each other. A team who all work together to make Bronte Kids Preschool the amazing place it is. We all have different skills and strengths which means our team complement each other.


What are some exciting things coming up at Bronte Kids?

The end of the year is always an exciting time. The Kangaroos will be visiting Bronte Public School Kindergarten class and library to become more familiar with a school environment in preparation for big school.

Our Christmas concert is held where the children will perform Christmas songs for families and friends and enjoy the festivities with face painting, balloons and presents.

Our Kangaroos will be graduating from Bronte Kids Preschool which is a bittersweet moment where we feel the sadness of the Kangaroos leaving but very proud that they are all so well prepared for big school.


What do you like to do for fun?

I’m a social butterfly so I like socialising for fun and going out to dinner with friends.