Pre-school: a starting point for your two-year-old?

Did you Know?

  • Not only are two year olds quick moving they are also extremely fast learning.
  • The average two-year-old will add up to five new words to the list of vocabulary every day!
  • As they play and complete their daily routines, two year olds tend to learn important maths skills.

Bronte Kids have expanded their operations in order to cater for two-year-old children. As a dedicated preschool focusing on fostering the learning and development of young children, we can provide your two-year-old with a secure and family friendly environment in which they can thrive.

Perhaps you’ve thought about preschool, but have you thought about why your child should attend?

Well, there are three kinds of natural learning mechanisms which allow the global development of intelligence in young children:

  1. The Brain Plasticity of a child: This refers to the child’s brains ability to change and develop. It’s through the exploration of these new environments that their brain begins to develop and change as they learn.
  2. The development of executive skills: It’s these skills that enable children to act in an organised manner in order to achieve their goals. The development of this functionality is fundamental because ultimately it allows a child to learn and retain information.
  3. The development of benevolence: One of the best things a child can learn from a young age is kindness and the quality of meaning well.

Now that you understand what the learning mechanisms are, you’ll also understand why preschool is an important part of a child’s early education.

Our daily programs and initiatives are based around stimulating a child’s learning experience keeping mind how their brain develops over time.

Daily activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Literacy and numeracy learning activities
  • Arts and crafts: colouring, drawing, painting, etc.
  • Outdoor activities and games
  • Music and extra group activities including learning discussions
  • Hospitality based activities – e.g. making their own lemonade
  • Exploration/free time

At Bronte Kids we ensure that your child learns something new each and every day – no two days at Bronte Kids will ever be the same.

Not only will Bronte kids help foster the development of your child, it’s our mission to provide a preschool where children are happy and feel a sense of belonging, where parents can also feel at ease leaving their children in our care and can comfortably communicate their expectations, fears, and hopes and be heard.

Whether your child is aged two, three, four or five, Bronte Kids has a place for them. It’s never to late to get an early start on your child’s education. Become a Bronte Kid today!