Kangaroos Room

Our Kangaroos room provides an environment of inspired, child-directed investigation, explanation and actuation.

This room is the final preschool room before children graduate to school and is the room where we encourage children to refine their views of themselves and instil in them a sense of wonder and natural curiosity.

Within this room, we strive to show the children a world of investigation without barriers. We want our children to ask questions, to disagree, to discuss and be open to multiple perspectives. At this stage of a child’s development, we can begin to introduce concepts and theories, processes and cycles.

The possibility of deeper comprehension begins to reveal itself at this point of a child’s development and it is the responsibility of the educator to ensure that curiosity is nurtured so that it may continue to grow. We see our preschool room as a learning community. Our educators are a large part of this community; however, they remain only a part of it.

Our Kangaroos Room also helps the children to establish a social confidence that they can take with them to school. It is the aim of our educators to ensure that our children graduate with the surety of self that will enable them to explore new friendships, impact their new environments and remain active in their ongoing development.

Throughout their journey, our educators have recognised that children are capable learners. At this age, our educators want the children to recognise this and take it with them to a new learning environment.

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