Joeys Room

Our Joeys Room provides an environment committed to expanding perspectives through experience, understanding and relationships.

Our Joeys Room provides a world where our children begin to explore the processes of learning more than just the result of learning. At the age of 2-4 years old, we can expect our children to have a developing awareness of self, as well as, a developing curiosity about the wider community. This developing curiosity, allows our children to observe the learning opportunities and instances of wonder in their broader world.

Within our pre-kindy room, we are noticing a strong social connection between the children. These connections lead to the sharing of perspectives and the shaping of new understandings. This is an important realisation to consider for this age in development and we build our environments to support this social exploration.

Our Joeys room provides an opportunity for our children to explore long-term investigation. Through instilling a sense of curiosity and wonder, we have in our midst, extremely capable learners. Learners are more than ready to examine the world around them more intimately.

Social Constructivism

The belief behind promoting social play in young children is to broaden the ideas and views of any given investigation or experience. All children learn in a different way and different paces. By encouraging children to play with one another, we are encouraging the sharing of ideas and the broadening of perspective.

In a Constructivist learning environment children can, and often do, teach one another. They adopt the role of ‘More Knowledgeable Other’. This term refers to a person, child or adult, that has a higher level of understanding that can help guide another towards gaining their own understanding.

For the ‘More Knowledgeable Other’ this is a great confidence to be able to share and guide peers; for the child being guided it offers a new teacher to learn from, often in a new way.

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