Learning focus for Term 2 at Bronte Kids

Our learning programs are thought through and developed by our highly qualified educational leaders. The programs for each room are a combination of children’s interests and developmental needs.

The Learning themes for Term 2 include:

Joey Room:

In the Joey room we use thematic programs to engage children in the learning process by offering a variety of lessons and activities surrounding a common theme. This includes art, music and early numeracy and literacy skills. We gather our themes from observing the children and their interests. This approach allows for all the core subjects to be taught in an engaging and effective way.

Within our themes we will be embedding our learning goals for the children. This term we will be focusing on social confidence and communication, physical development and connections to family, the community and the environment around us.

Social confidence will be focused on by creating small learning groups in which the Joeys can expand on ideas and show their knowledge and creativity. This will also provide the experience of a social setting where clear communication is key to a pleasant experience. This is also dependant on us as educators creating language rich environments that spark conversation. We will also provide a wide variety of activities within an interest area where cooperative play is encouraged such as  math, science, cooking, music and movement, gross motor, practical life and dramatic play. Through these activities, children are learning to trust their choices about what they learn, hear, see and do. They also begin to share these experiences with others.

Our Joey group is diverse and this makes an interesting and rich community within our preschool. We hope to harness this by inviting families into our centre to share their knowledge with the children. We have witnessed how well our group responds to a family member taking part in an activity or sharing some snippet of their life or culture with us.

We will be challenging their physical development through planned outdoor and indoor activities. In particular we will be implementing life skills into the challenge such as the process of putting on pants or their shoes. This involves a great deal of physical skill and coordination.  We will be focusing on gross motor skill in particular in the areas of core skills like balance and large muscle movement. Providing a variety of activities with many choices is essential to enhancing each child’s developmental progress. Activities will be designed with the developmental level of each child in mind. Patience is essential as developing independence at this stage occurs after much repetition and encouragement.

Kangaroos Room:

Our learning themes for Term 2 are to build and support children to be confident and involved learners by working on our school readiness program, being effective  communicators with the wider community and developing their own sense of identity as they explore different aspects of their development – physical, social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive – through their play.
1. School readiness- confident and involved learners
During the year the children have been engaged in our school readiness program, focusing on literacy, numeracy, social emotional development, making connections with the wider community, creative arts and fine/large motor skills. It is our belief that our school readiness program is built using a holistic approach as every child learns differently in all these learning areas.
2. Effective communicators
This year the children have shared their news with their class based on their own interests. Our goal is to support children to gain confidence at public speaking and engage with a range of text, different languages through music, whilst expressing ideas through a range of mediums and understanding how symbols and patterns work. Through enjoyable interactions and intentional teaching, the children work towards being independent communicators as they use verbal and non-verbal communication to express their learning ideas.
3. Sense of Identity
The children have been working on weekly themed activities based on their interests. Our goal is to extend on their interests where they make connections with the wider community by visiting our local cafe and aged care facility. By making connections with others, the children gain a stronger sense of identity as they express empathy,trust and compassion which are everyday life skills.
If you would like further information about our learning themes and goals, please give us a call or email.