The importance of preschool in preparing your child for the transition to primary school

The first five years are crucial to a child’s lifelong development. These formative years provides the foundations of language, social awareness, problem solving, emotional IQ and behaviour. These experiences can often determine how well your little one will do in school and life.

With this in mind, preschools play a large part in building these important foundations into your child and help with making a smooth transition to school.

At Bronte Kids, we believe there are four key reasons why preschool matters:

These are:

  1. Promotes a social environment
  2. Preschool enhances language and cognitive skills
  3. Provides a structured environment
  4. Prepares your child for primary school.

These four key reasons are why it is important to incorporate preschool into your child’s weekly calendar.

As part of our school readiness program, we make sure that our children aged between 3-5 undertake our school readiness curriculum in conjunction with the organic/play-based learning curriculum. We cover off subjects such as literacy, numeracy and cognitive processing which provide a great base for primary teachers to extend on this learning and Bronte Kids is specially designed to cater to the needs of 2-5 year olds and equipping with them the skills that they will require to excel in primary school.

It’s important to remember that your child needs time away from family in order to learn about the world to start making new friends. In their experiences, children will also learn to trust and develop independence; two crucial life skills. This provides you, as a parent, space and time to pursue your interests and working commitments.

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