The Personal Learner

When we look at the personal learner we are not looking at each individual, we are looking at how the individual interacts with others as they learn. The personal learner will usually lean one of two ways in relation to socialising. They will be either Interpersonal or Intrapersonal.

The Interpersonal Child will seek out social learning communities within their classroom and play environments. These children enjoy sharing and hearing the perspectives of peers. They will use this idea sharing to inform and expand their own understandings.

The Intrapersonal Child will work independently without incident. These children will look to examine a resource or problem and to discover its working without interference. This does not mean anti-social by any means. It is simply a preference in regards to discovery. Intrapersonal Learners will seek out guidance if they become stuck on a problem or confused by a resource.

When constructing an environment that will benefit both elements of the Personal Learner, care must be taken to ensure that there are areas to promote socialisation and areas that allow for individual exploration.


The educators of Bronte Kids Preschool are confident in the learning environments they provide and welcome the value born form both the Interpersonal and Intrapersonal learning styles.