The Natural Learner

A natural learner is the child who relishes the naturally occurring world. While they may enjoy the constructed environments of playgrounds, or the technology of today; a natural learner will be most at home in a Naturalist environment.

A natural learner enjoys exploring environments and environmental cycles. They will use all their senses to explore the environments available to them. They show a deep respect for the natural environment and will seek out those experiences that allow further investigation of nature.

In a child care setting it can be difficult to think of how to properly incorporate this style of learning. At Bronte Kids Preschool we disagree. We welcome the natural environment into our classrooms. Plants are permanent inhabitants of all our rooms. They offer beauty to us all, and a special connection to those natural learners within each class.

We also seek to provide cross-curricular opportunities so that we can enjoy nature while enjoying other subjects as well. Taking our reading books or playing outside is one such way we look to integrate natural learning into other areas.

A Natural Learner may have an interest in:

  • Extended outdoor play
  • Exploring the life and life cycles around their environment
  • Weather changes and playing in those changes – sun to rain, light to dark
  • Gardening and tasting straight from the garden
  • Taking non-natural resources into natural environments