The Logical Learner

Children with a logical focus are those children who enjoy problem solving. The logical learner can think in abstract ideas, can calculate and reason. Those children who may be too young to be able to think in that way may instead be demonstrating unwavering curiosity in everything within their environment.

A logical learner enjoys the extended investigation of the ‘why’ to varying topics.

They will be the children asking questions like:

  • “But what if . . . . . ?”
  • “But why does that happen?”
  • “So if I . . . . . . . then . . . . . ?”

These children are often the driving force behind a room’s investigations.

The logical learner puts their mind to analytical use as well. They will seek out patterns within their environment and their routine. Numeracy is often a subject of great interest for children with this approach to learning. From their earliest explorations numbers and patterns intrigue them, and their enjoyment tends to lead toward easy comprehension.

At Bronte Kids Preschool, we revel in each child’s inquisitive nature and never shy away from a question. Often, we are just as curious as the logical children within our class to see where one question might lead us, and what we might learn along the way.

A logical learner may have an interest in:

  • Finding patterns within their environment
  • Question why and how
  • Understand and consider abstract ideas
  • Analyse a problem prior to solving it
  • Repeat an experience to prove its outcome