The Language Learner

Our language learner is a child who enjoys the expression of word, rhyme and song. A child who speaks often to others and listens to others as they speak. This learning style, uses language to explain and to seek explanation, to question, to enjoy and to record.

A child with a preference toward language learning will use rhyme and song in problem solving and enjoyment in equal measure. Consider the way many of us still remember the Rainbow Song. As you recite it, there is a tune that accompanies it. This same approach is one way that a language learner retains information.

Teaching a language prone child means providing language rich environments and lessons. Educators must be prepared for questions. The must be prepared for explanations and they must always be patient when these occasions arise.

Language learners benefit from a communicative, social learning style. Theoretical discussions and problem analysis are comfortable topics for children who enjoy this approach to learning.

At Bronte Kids Preschool, we understand the importance of a child’s communications. We know how important an individual explanation can be for a child and we take our time in listening to theirs and offering our own. Our environments are always language rich.

We manipulate language through song and rhyme, enjoy language through storytelling and examine language each time we use it.

A Language Learner may have an innate ability in:

  • Communication – often more than words spoken, it also means words understood
  • Rhyming
  • Enjoy making up their own stories
  • Seeking out extended conversations with others – sometimes just to listen