The Active Learner

An active learner is a child who physically engages with learning. It is a whole-body experience where textures and movement support a child’s understanding of whatever lay before them.

Traditionally speaking physical play means muscle control, locomotion and hand eye coordination. At Bronte Kids Preschool it means so much more. We are confident in our ability to incorporate numeracy, literacy skills, as well as other traditionally non-physical subjects into our curriculum to ensure that the Active Learner has the opportunity to engage in a holistic learning experience.

At Bronte Kids we want our Active Learners to have the confidence to engage themselves in all elements of learning and to be proud in the manner in which they apply themselves.

An Active Learner may have an innate ability in:

  • Body control including balance, locomotion and spatial awareness
  • Tactile interpretation
  • Physical manipulation of resources