Our Curriculum

The Bronte Kids Preschool vision, is built upon increasing the development and happiness of children within our centre. We pride ourselves on utilising diverse development approaches and theories in the attainment of this vision.

The educational curriculum within Bronte Kids Preschool is internally identified as fluid and organic. We acknowledge that children learn and develop at different stages and in many ways. It is this simple realisation that has been the driving inspiration for our curriculum’s evolution. The curriculum’s planning process is shared between educators, children and their families. The documentation of our learning will not be restricted by templates or boxed but only by imagination.

Our professional educators strive to champion the ideals of the Early Years Learning Framework and its mantra of Belonging, Being and Becoming. This is supported with a deeper awareness of the holistic potential of a child’s developing mind informed by child development theories and approaches.

Our curriculum is designed and developed to act as recognition of our centre’s commitment to early childhood development and celebration of the integral part played by each child within our service. We invite you to discover the children’s work, marvel at their achievements and help us guide learning and investigation into the future.

The Active Learner

A child who physically engages with learning and takes in a whole-body experience where textures and movement support their understanding of whatever lay before them.

The Language Learner

A child who enjoys the expression of word, rhyme and song utilising language to explain, seek explanations, question and to enjoy and record.

The Natural Learner

A child who relished the naturally occurring world and feels most at home in a naturalist environment.

The Personal Leaner

We are not looking at each child but at how a child interacts with others as they learn. In terms of socialising, a child be either Interpersonal or Intrapersonal.

The Logical Learner

A child who enjoys problem solving and can think about abstract ideas, calculate and reason.