Active Kids are Healthy Kids

It’s one of the most common parenting myths that your child must be sporty to be energetic. Sure, being sporty is a benefit, but it should not be the deciding factor as to whether your child leads a physically active lifestyle.

Remember to take it easy. Not every kid needs to be pushed and nurtured into being the next Don Bradman, Cristiano Ronaldo or Serena Williams. On this note, let’s take a moment to sit and reflect. Whether it’s walking, skateboarding, scoring some baskets, or taking the dog out for a stroll, there’s something for everyone. So, it’s time to put aside the iPad, and let the games begin!

Tip 1: Initiate a family Olympics

Hype up these weekly competitions to ramp up the bonding time with your little ones and fuel their creativity! Allow them to come up with new, entertaining games to stay fit – a thrilling task I’m sure they’ll love. Better yet: have the winner select a prize. Assemble a mini obstacle course in the backyard or neighbourhood park to get others involved and participate in some friendly competition to meet your own daily dose of exercise! One hour of playtime, that’s all there is to it.

Tip 2: Dump the junk

Tossing out unhealthy foods from your kitchen will teach your kids to value their wellbeing and indulge in snacks that don’t have to be fatty to be good. Stash up on some fresh food, add a touch of honey or blend into a smoothie for a tasty sensation. The benefits of eating clean are two-fold; inspires the family to be healthy and pries the kids off the couch!

Tip 3: Say goodbye to the car

If you’re like any modern household, chances are you from Point A to Point B by car. If it’s comfortable and convenient, why opt for anything else that doesn’t have four wheels, right? Well, when time isn’t a pressing issue, go that extra mile to schedule a family walk or biking adventure around unexplored regions of the neighbourhood. Maybe even instill in your child a sense of independence to run a plain, routinely errand that ‘mum usually does’. Innovative and efficient!

What are you waiting for? Join Bronte Kids on the journey of growth, sustainability, education and excellence.