The $6 Million STEM Funds for Preschools is Almost Here

Many preschools within Australia are eagerly awaiting to be informed if they have been selected for a new $6 million STEM program. The all new play-based science, technology, engineering and mathematics program will be introduced and launched at around 100 preschools in 2018.

STEM will be introduced to young that are utilising apps which enhance interaction and go beyond the screen to encourage active play which supports the exploration of locations, differing patterns and problem-solving techniques.

Preschools which are selected to partake in the initiative and the official launch, are on the verge of being announced. The Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA) pilot is being led by the University of Canberra and is being welcomed by early education experts.

“The apps will introduce STEM principles through play, on and off the screen, providing educators with an opportunity to enhance play with learning experiences,” says Professor Lowrie, from the University of Canberra STEM Education Research Centre.

The program aims to build children’s inquiry, experiment, observation and reasoning skills.

“Just because they are young doesn’t mean children are not capable of thinking creatively and solving problems,” says Dr Christine Preston, of the Sydney School of Education and Social Work at Sydney University.

The ELSA program will include six apps, four of those will be focussed on playful learning experiences. There will also be an app for families to use at home.

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